Harrods Bakery


Back to my old haunt today as I was keen to have a look at the new style bakery and coffee bar. A contemporary interior with dark colours and subtle lighting creates a theatrical backdrop for the expertly produced baked goods by Master Baker Lance Gardner and his team of artisans. It is all very inspiring. Such a selection of different breads and on the neighbouring counters overflowing baskets of tempting treats!





The coffee bar too is adorned with perfectly baked cakes and by night this becomes a cocktail bar serving Chilled Espresso Martinis and Coffee Negroni’s.There is an incredible three ton coffee roastery and a Master Roaster Bartosz Ciepaj is on hand to demonstrate roasting and grinding the beans. A fantastic selection of freshly bagged coffee and Harrods have also managed to package some of this into capsules all ready to take home and pop into your Nespresso machine. Unable to resist this temptation I enquired as to the best selling capsule and purchased a supply to try out at home.



This is supposedly the first phase in the refurbishment of the food halls in Harrods and yet I hope that they do not destroy or disrupt some of the halls which remain very much in orginal character with quite exceptional victorian tiles and magnificent displays. The high quality and variety of food is impressive and all beautifully presented. A feast for the eyes. It really is a great pleasure to browse these great halls and there are a number of international food bars where you can grab a quick lunch to keep you on the go.





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