Becks at Browns

IMG_4941Becks at Browns hotel is the newly refurbished dining room by Olga Polizzi. This is a casual dining establishment with classic interior and modern accents. The chef is Heinz Beck of the 3 Michelin starred La Pergola in Rome and he brings his inventive and creative skills to the dining room at Browns Hotel. Beautifully presented Italian recipes each with a little twist. Using seasonal produce of the highest calibre. We enjoyed the Spring Vegetable salad which was a feast for the eyes, so carefully assembled. The crab chips were a great surprise when a filled choux style little puff arrived.





Every dish was delicious but the highlight was the signature Fagottelli Carbonara. This was a freshly created pasta parcel with the ingredients of the classic dish all enclosed and we were advised to eat each parcel all at once and as this burst in your mouth the flavours seemed to melt away.  A wonderful sensation. I can only recommend this dining experieince in the heart of London and until the 30th April they are offering 50% discount on the menu at Becks at Browns so take advantage of this fantastic offer and book quickly.


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