For quite some time I have been longing to visit Dishoom and taste the much talked about menu. When Emily suggested we meet in Kings Cross it seemed ideal. This pocket of London has been transformed. The old warehouse style buildings lovingly restored and there is a buzz in the air with fantastic retail units and an international collection of culinary venues. Great interior when you walk in the door. A utilitarian vibe of an old warehouse with lots of metalwork and wood and a colonial feel. The bar is well stocked with wooden cabinets and a prohibiton style about it with expert bar staff efficiently laying trays with ice filled glasses and beverages.


Bombay was once filled with what were known as the ‘Irani Cafés’ these were filled with a cross section of society from rich business men, sweaty taxi-wallas to cosy couples and families. The walls were covered in family portraits and large fans turned slowly over the hustle and bustle of the wooden tables and chairs below. The atmosphere is re created in London and small details like the newspaper rack as you walk in encourages one to just sit for a while and read the paper. The walls are covered in pictures and large lettering almost frescoed into the plasterwork gives it all an old vibe. The interior has a ‘lived in’ feel and creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

Once seated we had the most charming waiter who explained the format and recommended how many dishes we should order. Immediately I loved it as the menu comprises many smaller dishes and sides. The idea is sharing so you can taste lots of different dishes which I really enjoy. Food was delicious and this is a venue for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or even drinks and a snack. All beautifully presented including our tea in very colonial style china teacups. There are the traditional favourites and some of these have a Dishoom twist. There is also a grill and the slow-cooked Bryani options. We visited for lunch and loved the all day menu but I also love the look of the breakfast menu which includes omlettes, fruits, grains and breads as well as date porridge and  bacon naan roll. These all sound divine to me and breakfast is my favourite meal at which to dine out!


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