Borough Market Cookery Club

IMG_2662This is a terrific concept which is based in Borough Market the home of fine seasonal produce and artisans of the food industry. Angela Clutton is the co ordinator of this fine idea and once we have been allocated a cookbook. In this case by the much loved Antonio Carluccio  you pick the recipe that appeals to your culinary skills.  Our group of cookbook enthusiasts met for lunch at the kitchen headquarters and spent a couple of hours grazing with fine wine kindly provided by Borough Wines and homemade lemonade. We all enjoyed tasting each others efforts and discussing the results.


It was a great pleasure to taste so many of the different recipes from the book and also chat amongest such a lovely group of fellow food lovers. I think many of us had to step slightly out of our comfort zone as no one was just producing an already tried and tested family favourite so that was fun too. We had all delved further into a book that perhaps we would not have spent so much time investigating had we not be called upon to deliver!


This is an idea which you could also replicate amongest friends and family if you are not in a position to travel to London Bridge. I suppose it is a cross between a book club and a supper club and such a great experience.


I do however also love Borough Market itself and will never miss an opportunity to explore and always manage to find all sorts of culinary goodies to experiment with at home. There was also the exciting news that Borough Market are in the process of producing their own cookbook which hopefully will be in print later this year.

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