The Ginger Pig

The Ginger Pig began over 20 years ago in a near derelict farmhouse and three Tamworth pigs. It now farms over 3,000 acres of pasture and North Yorkshire moorland and at the heart of it all is the ethos of good animal husbandry and welfare. Tim Wilson is the owner and one of the most respected meat producers in Britain. In a quote from one of his cookbooks the message is simple “to raise the best animals in the happiest of circumstances on the finest stretch of the Yorkshire Moors we could find.” I like to know where my food comes from especially if I am eating meat. This is a fantastic shop in Shepherds Bush on the Askew Road and as well as an amazing selection of fresh meat on the other side of the shop there is a wonderful counter of ready prepared fayre including home made traditional pies and an amazing selection of cheeses. The vegetables are all fine examples and I love the fact that they are twice the size of the average crop and not perfectly formed. I find myself have a very lingering browse in the Ginger Pig every Thursday as I have to drop my daughter round the corner and on one occasion I was even greedy enough to have one of their amazing slow roasted pork sandwiches with home made apple sauce and a tomato chilli sauce. In my defence I did share it so as not to feel too guilty! It was delicious and if you wish it can include mini roast potatoes and crackling.

All the produce in the shop is beautifully displayed and there is always a wonderful smell of a home kitchen as  if something seems to be cooking away in the delicatessen. There is always a warm greeting and the walls are covered in tempting jars of chutneys, spices and kitchen goodies and packages which would be welcome house gifts if you were dashing off to stay with someone for the weekend. Food is always a welcome addition to any household especially if you are entertaining.




You can find a Ginger Pig in Barnes, Clapham, Waterlooo, Hackney, London Bridge and Marylebone as well as on the Askew Road in Shepherds Bush and there is a great website The Ginger Pig  with an Easter recipe for Beef Wellington There are also two brilliant cookboooks by Tim Wilson and Fran Warde.

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