Circus Sauce

I could not mention Giffords Circus without mentioning the Circus Sauce experience. The circus tours Gloucestershire, the South West and now London taking residence on village greens and in parks. There are a collection of authentic circus caravans and tents. During the intervals you can have a delicious mug of steaming tea and a home made bake. There are also home made pizzas, popcorn and colourful and tempting sweets and gifts to take home.

Circus Sauce is the kitchen which occupies two showman’ wagons with an awning attached to shelter oak tables which are all candlelit with vases of garden blooms and Emma Bridgewater pottery. The tent is lined with circus tapestries.Every evening after the final show you can have a delicious three course dinner at wooden tables. There is a set menu with locally sourced ingredients and you can have a sumptuous dinner with the artistes after the show. You bring your own wine. A great evening and delicious supper.




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