Chef in Training

I was fortunate enough to visit Immie during her gruelling schedule at the Cookery School. The students had an early start and worked all morning each in teams to produce different aspects of the lunch menu. Such an industrious kitchen and I was so envious of the fantastic organisation of equipment and ingredients. I was invited into the dining room where I had the most delicious lunch cooked by the students.

The afternoon was spent in a cookery demonstration by Rachel Allen and the quantity of dishes which she managed to produce was incredible and all delicious. At the end of the afternoon we sampled everything and went home with a supply of notes to reproduce everything at home! Including an amazing ice bowl.

Another highlight of my visit to Ballymaloe was the pop up supper. This was prepared by a visiting chef from Boston, Jared Batson. An entire menu of pork including the dessert which was an apple pie using the pork fat as the shortening. Nothing had been wasted. I was very sad to leave Ballymaloe but am looking forward to returning for Litfest in the middle of May. This is a festival of cookery writers speaking and demonstrating from all aspects of the culinary world.  Litfest

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