Royal Ascot

A truly British and fantastic day at the races. A week of watching the fillies and enjoying formal picnics in car parks with your friends what could be more English. We took our daughters as soon as they were permitted to attend and from an early age this has been a great family event. My grandfather was a breeder of racehorses so my addiction started early on and in the old days when a young lady first attended this great race meet she would wear a white dress. Those days are over but the dress code is still strict as the Queen is in attendance men in silky top hats and ladies glamorous millinery accompany the dress code which provides an entertaining fashion parade. On Fridays a younger crowd tends to attend which is lively. My least favourite day is Ladies Day although some consider this a highlight.

Once a member at Royal Ascot the preferred picnic spot is in Car Park Number One. Here from the back of your car but with as much glamour as you can muster you picnic with your guests before heading off to the race course where of course the main objective is to see some horse racing. This is always tricky as we always seem to bump into old friends and arranging where to meet in-between races is the order of the day. Then to find time to squeeze in a bet and make the race even more exciting! Overall just a great day out.

I think I must be old fashioned at heart as I always like to watch the queen arrive. This is a wonderful procession of carriages with footmen in attendance. As she arrives all the gentlemen in the enclosure tip or remove their hats. The Queen usually has several horses running during the day and always appears to be really enjoying a day at the race course. There is so much pomp and ceremony at Royal Ascot and we are very good at all that. Everyone is waiting to see who will be in attendance in the royal party and what they are wearing.


There are several areas to view the horses. The pre parade ring where the horses are saddled up and led around the ring and then about 15 minutes before their race they are led into the parade ring and here you can get a good look at the horses. Here you have to listen out for he bell which is when your jockey has been weighed in and is ready to mount his horse. Connecting these rings to the track is the horse walk and here you can also watch the horses as they head off to the track. I like watching the horses at the end of the race coming back through this tunnel. The jockeys are all in their coloured silks seem so tiny and agile as they jump up onto their trusty steads.


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