I think the highlight of our trip to Sydney will remain to be our incredible lunch at Quay.The executive chef here is Peter Gilmore and since he has been at the helm the restaurant has remained, for the last five years, listed amongst the top 50 Restaurants in the world. Peter Gilmore is from Sydney and describes his style of cooking as inspired by nature. Working closely with artisan producers who cultivate exclusively both for Quay and her sister restaurant Bennelong (at the Sydney Opera House). These producers range from the growers of produce to fishermen and farmers who tend to rare breed animals to ensure that the produce served at the table is with superior flavour and texture once it leaves the kitchen. Immie is fortunate enough to be cooking with this fantastic team under Head Chef Rob Kabboord with a unique team of young chefs producing outstanding dishes.

The menu offers a selection of courses or the tasting menu. We were keen to try as many of the wonderful dishes we had heard so much about so opted for a selection of courses and I cannot describe what an incredible and delicious culinary adventure this was. We had met what I can only describe as Immie’s family in Sydney the night before as the long gruelling hours which they all passionately undertake in this creative kitchen creates bonding friendships. They have been so supportive of Immie as she has had so much to learn we loved meeting them all and were very excited to enjoy the lunch which they were to prepare for us.

We must thank Quay so much as we were looked after so well and with so many extra treats which made it even more of a memorable experience and so wonderful to be able to share it all with Immie.

I cannot really begin to describe every course and I feel we might be divulging trade secrets. Favourites were the raw scallop and the Palm Heart congee with pearl oyster abalone and black vinegar laver. My first taste of Abalone and did not disappoint although I feel this dish would be hard to beat. The salad of Slow Cooked Carrots with smoked almonds and sherry caramel was outstanding. Despite endless courses each and every one excelling all expectations the puddings are a performance in themselves. The Snow Egg is one of Peter Gilmore’s signature dishes and this and the Eight Tiered Chocolate Cake did not dissappoint ! We were also presented with Walnut,Oloroso,Caramel,Muscovado,Dulcey and Muscatel dish which was brought to us by the wonderful pastry girls in Immie’s section which made it especially special and delicious !

Salad of slow cooked carrots but so much more than that!

I cannot recommend enough a visit to Quay if you are in Sydney and this would have to be the number one spot to spend New Years Eve in this great city. Here you would enjoy not only the best view of the fireworks in the entire city but a fantastic culinary evening.

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