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IMG_7904I admit that I do enjoy a bit of retail browsing and especially seeking out a bargain. With three daughters it is essential to have a keen eye and appreciate both our great British High Street fashion as well as our wide selection of designer brands. On this note I am sharing the Gap Sale which began today and has a genuine 50% off many items both in shops and on line. Great shirts and a selection of both traditional and versatile stripes in knits and prints and some really funky textile prints as well.


I am just adding a footnote to this post as I was browsing through Harrods earlier this week and spotted this Michael Kors dress on the display the textile design and even detailing is reminiscent of the blue shirt from Gap which I had picked this out as I thought it had an Ellie Tahari look to it and a designer feel despite being on the high street. Keep your eyes open for great textile designs as these often make the difference to how expensive a garment can look.


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