Masks and Gondolas

I could not write about Venice without a brief mention of the magnificent and unique transportation. The highlight of any visit must be the river transport. We walked an enormous amount but also used the Vaporetti extensively. Rather than a Gondola ride I much prefer the luxury of taking a taxi to the airport which is quick and easy and a wonderful way to depart from Venice as you enjoy a seaview as you leave this magnificent city. The Gondoliers are a bit like our London cabbies, some fantastically entertaining and characterful and others … not so much!


The mask shops are all a splendid theatrical experience in Venice. The range and originality of masks is wonderful and kept us quite entertained during our visit. Many of these shop owners are continuing a family tradition and are Venetian artisans continuing an integral part of the culture here. I was amazed by the breadth of creativity and vast use of materials to create these masks both traditional and alternative.



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